Brets – The French chips-maker


A family business created in 1995 on the simple idea
to promote potatoes from Brittany (West part of France).
Thanks to a loyal partnership with 265 farmers, traceability is under control from the field to the chips.

Today, more than 300 persons are preparing chips in 2 different locations.
More than one chips out of 3 eaten in France are produced by Altho-Brets.

Brets quality is easy: specific kinds of potatoes, high quality 100% sunflower oil,
sea salt from Guérande, natural flavours and that’s all!

“Export is a new challenge for Brets and a top priority for our sales strategy. In order to find the right partners abroad, we asked Bretagne Gourmet to be on our side and to give support for Export.”

Pierre-Olivier NEVEU,

Sales Director, Altho / Brets