La Maison d’Armorine

Creates sweet delicacies since 1946

Based in Quiberon, Yvonne and Raymond Audebert were creative and innovative confectioners.

As early as 1946, they were making the famous lollipops called “Niniches”
and also the delicious salted butter caramel, two specialties which have become a part of the Breton culinary heritage. Since that time, three generations have taken their turn in the workshop, always using the traditional manufacturing processes.

Copper caldrons, a craftsman’s skill…
and unique creations giving new life to the confectioner’s art.

“Since 2007, we gave our trust to Bretagne Gourmet to develop Export sales,
and today we are in many different countries and in many upscale boutiques.”

Gildas PERON

General Manager, Maison d'Armorine