Brets – The French chips-maker


A family business created in 1995 on the simple idea
to promote potatoes from Brittany (West part of France).
Thanks to a loyal partnership with 265 farmers, traceability is under control from the field to the chips.

Today, more than 300 persons are preparing chips in 2 different locations.
More than one chips out of 3 eaten in France are produced by Altho-Brets.

Brets quality is easy: specific kinds of potatoes, high quality 100% sunflower oil,
sea salt from Guérande, natural flavours and that’s all!

“Export is a new challenge for Brets and a top priority for our sales strategy. In order to find the right partners abroad, we asked Bretagne Gourmet to be on our side and to give support for Export.”

Pierre-Olivier NEVEU,

Sales Director, Altho / Brets

La Trinitaine

La Trinitaine

The story of a French biscuit-maker


In 1955, in a modest shop in La Trinité-sur-Mer, Lucien Petit stumbled upon a new biscuit recipe: a thin rolled biscuit in the shape of a cigarette, made with pure butter.
The success of this product led the whole family into a challenging yet rewarding adventure: the creation of La Trinitaine biscuit factory.

Passed down through the generations, this expertise of biscuit-makers draws
on original recipes with innovation.

Driven by its origins as a small shop, La Trinitaine today not only produces over 11,500 tons of biscuits & cakes a year, but also runs a network of 46 shops in France.

La Trinitaine is one of the last French biscuit-makers to have retained its independence.

“Since 2009, Bretagne Gourmet is our key partner to develop our Export sales and to do the follow-up of our current Export customers. We are glad to share with Bretagne Gourmet same core values like customer respect, professional involvement.”


General Manager, La Trinitaine

Maison d’armorine

Maison d’armorine

La Maison d’Armorine

Creates sweet delicacies since 1946

Based in Quiberon, Yvonne and Raymond Audebert were creative and innovative confectioners.

As early as 1946, they were making the famous lollipops called “Niniches”
and also the delicious salted butter caramel, two specialties which have become a part of the Breton culinary heritage. Since that time, three generations have taken their turn in the workshop, always using the traditional manufacturing processes.

Copper caldrons, a craftsman’s skill…
and unique creations giving new life to the confectioner’s art.

“Since 2007, we gave our trust to Bretagne Gourmet to develop Export sales,
and today we are in many different countries and in many upscale boutiques.”

Gildas PERON

General Manager, Maison d'Armorine

Maison d’armorine

Maison Pécou

Maison Pécou


For 5 generations, the Maison Pecou family has had an innate sense for sugar.

The first factory of Maison Pecou was built in 1880.
Ever since then Ernest managed to pass down his passion for confectionary to his family. His descendants keep developing this heritage and know-how. Balancing traditional methods with current trends and standards.
Maison Pecou has maintained a reputation of excellence over the years, thanks to its creativity, dynamism and the quality of its products.
Maison Pecou creates confectioneries for all occasions and offers a wide selection of sweets which will seduce gourmets around the world.
To offer, share with friends and family, or quite simply as a sweet little treat, there is a sweet delicacy for every moment.

Always welcome in a world of sweets…

“Highly involved by promoting the quality of Maison Pecou’s confectionaries, for sure Bretagne Gourmet is for us a key partner to develop our Export sales.”


Family & Board Member, Maison Pécou